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KentuckyUnited to Host Virtual Meetings Throughout 2020
Active KAED members may join to share Kentucky’s business advantages and opportunities

KentuckyUnited, the Association’s collaborative marketing arm, has launched a virtual series of business development marketing missions to be held throughout 2020. As we continue to mitigate and emerge from COVID-19, KentuckyUnited will share, via virtual meeting software, the Commonwealth’s business advantages and opportunities with active business decision makers throughout North America. We encourage our members to explore the model below to learn how KAED, in the coming months, plans to disseminate the benefits of Kentucky as a business location.

To ensure the Commonwealth’s marketing continues in 2020, KentuckyUnited has formed an innovative series of targeted opportunities to engage site location consultants virtually.

KentuckyUnited, in partnership with Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development, will target active site location consultants to participate in video conference meetings of length up to one hour.

KentuckyUnited, in partnership with Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development, will develop message according to consultant/firm specialization. KentuckyUnited will deliver holistic presentation demonstrating business advantages of Commonwealth tailored to consultant and/or specialization sector. KentuckyUnited will assign specific message, with thorough talking points, to meeting participants.

As messaging will be crafted specifically per consultant and thereby unique to each meeting, KentuckyUnited must engage meetings as small group to efficiently deliver targeted presentation and to maximize participant exposure. Participants will be limited to Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development representative and no more than 5 KentuckyUnited participants, consisting of community and utility representatives, per meeting. KentuckyUnited will assign participants to meeting to facilitate strategic messaging alignment.

KentuckyUnited will engage in a series of recurring and frequently offered meetings, per consultant and participant availability, thru the remainder of 2020.