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Led by member representatives, KAED Committees are the platforms through which the Association’s strategies, best practices, and economic solutions are crafted. The execution of the reimagined KAED membership service portfolio shall be managed within the following Committees;

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee is comprised of the Officers of the KAED Board of Directors: Chair, Chair Elect, Secretary Treasurer and the Immediate Past Chair. This group of directors is elected by the membership to act on behalf of and within the powers granted to them under the KAED Bylaws.
Chairman – Chuck Sexton, One East Kentucky
Chairman Elect – Vacant
Secretary Treasurer – Vacant
Immediate Past Chair – Madison Silvert, The Malcom Bryant Corporation

Community Development Committee
The KAED Community Development Committee promotes participative democracy, sustainable development, rights, economic opportunity, equality and social justice through the organization, education and empowerment of people within their communities, whether these be of locality, identity or interest, in urban and rural settings. The Committee seeks to empower individuals and groups of people with the skills they need to effect change within their communities.
Chair – Brad Thomas, Kentucky’s Touchstone Energy Cooperatives
Co-Chair – Sierra Enlow, Louisville Forward

Education & Professional Development Committee
The mission of the Education & Professional Development Committee is to continually enhance the knowledge and skills of both the economic development practitioners and the stakeholders supporting economic development in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
Chair – Chris Woolridge, Murray State University
Co-Chair – Debbie Gray, LG&E and KU

Ethics & Bylaws Committee
The Ethics & Bylaws Committee shall monitor and enforce the Association Bylaws and develop amendments as needed to protect the Association, its officers, and members.
Chair – Madison Silvert, The Malcom Bryant Corporation

Public Policy Committee
The Public Policy Committee shall identify and evaluate social, political, and related issues that could affect the Association membership. KAED supports pro-growth policies and fiscally responsible measures designed to accelerate Kentucky’s economic momentum, and opposes those that are unfavorable, unduly, or burdensome to the Commonwealth’s economic development.
Chair – Tyler Glick, Glick Strategies
Co-Chair – Jody Lassiter, Develop Danville

KentuckyUnited Committee
The mission of the KentuckyUnited Committee is to establish a collaborative partnership amongst economic development professionals to market and promote the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
Chair – Wade Williams, Northern Kentucky Tri-ED
Co-Chair – Ron Bunch, Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce

Past-Chair Caucus
The Past-Chair Caucus serves to keep former KAED leadership involved in the organization, membership, and vision of economic development in Kentucky. This Caucus will meet regularly according to the organizing Chair to discuss issues, serve as a mentorship pathway to those Young in the Profession, and participate in specific events at KAED Conferences.
Chair – Jody Lassiter, Develop Danville

YP Committee
The Young in the Profession Committee shall enhance networking, mentorship, and educational opportunities for economic development professionals who are newly engaged in their career. The KAED YP Committee shall identify opportunities within KAED and other state/national Associations and will make programming recommendations to the KAED Board of Directors.
Chair – Ivy Stanley, Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce

Sponsorship & Partnership Committee
The Sponsorship & Partnership Committee shall develop options for corporate, community, and other partners to strategically participate in programming across the KAED membership service portfolio.
Chair – Lynn Allen, Bluegrass International Fund

The Association encourages members to assume leadership in KAED by serving on a Committee. KAED President and CEO, Matt Tackett, states that “the Association will further succeed when our membership is empowered and our intellectual capital is fully unleashed. The KAED impact to Kentucky economic development will increase when the vibrancy and innovation of each Association Committee is optimized. Participation is an incredibly valuable experience and we ask that our members consider a representative for appointment to a KAED Committee.” Member representatives may contact Matt Tackett at 502-227-9653 for more information.