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#TeamKentucky is a collaborative movement designed to leverage the Commonwealth’s opportunity and intellectual & operational capital to move Kentucky forward. Economic developers, site location consultants, business executives, intellectual leaders, innovators, influencers, policy makers, energy leaders, and all change agents are encouraged to join the Kentucky Association for Economic Development as we deploy a strategic service portfolio designed to enhance professional capacity and accelerate economic development in the Commonwealth. The #TeamKentucky strategy is executed via the KAED Membership Service Suite and the KAED Collaboration Conference. There is power in convergence and the Association is commitment to creating an increasingly stronger platform for Kentucky stakeholders to build a more globally competitive and prosperous Commonwealth.


What is the Collaboration Conference?

The Collaboration Conference is a forum for the Commonwealth’s leaders to craft strategies to move Kentucky forward. The Conference is a collaborative project of the Kentucky Association for Economic Development and the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development, and requires the convening of five strategic subcommittees focusing on 1) Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 2) Talent, 3) International, 4) Marketing & Branding, and 5) Product & Site Development. The subcommittees are comprised of sector leaders, chaired by leadership of KCED, and work to identify collaborative deliverables which are aligned with KCED and KAED. The subcommittees report to KCED and the KAED Board of Directors. KAED facilitates quarterly meetings of the subcommittees to perpetuate actionable momentum. The Collaboration Conference is an ongoing series of committee meetings, with an Annual Meeting held each spring in concurrence with the traditional KAED Spring Conference.

What is the KAED Membership Service Portfolio?
The KAED Membership Portfolio is the holistic suite of services provided by the Association to enhance professional capacity and accelerate economic development. Browse the KAED website for information on each of the service pillars below.

What does it mean to enhance professional capacity?

To accelerate economic development Kentucky must continuously meet or exceed the operational knowledge and capabilities of our competitors across the globe. To provide stakeholders with the tools and resources necessary, the Association has launched the KAED Education Program, an interdependent suite of offerings. KAED will present a dynamic series of educational summits available to registrants at all stages of their careers. Professionals who participate in the Kentucky Institute for Economic Development may choose to follow a curriculum leading toward professional certification. Association members also have access to the KAED Community Assessment Program, a partnership initiative with the Community and Economic Development Institute of Kentucky designed to collect and analyze data and assets to recommend strategies to accelerate economic development. Click here for more information. 

How does #TeamKentucky market the Commonwealth?
KAED members engage with site location consultants, CEOs, and decision makers throughout the world via the KentuckyUnited program. Click here for more information.

What’s with the hashtag?
KAED encourages our members, investors, partners, and friends to curate the Commonwealth’s economic success and opportunity by using the #TeamKentucky hashtag in communication platforms so the world can quickly access information on the momentum in the Commonwealth.

How can I join the #TeamKentucky movement?
Joining KAED is a great start. The Association offers several beneficial services and resources designed to enhance professional capacity and accelerate economic development. KAED also offers a platform via Association committee engagement to craft the strategies which are deployed to satisfy our mission. The Association welcomes investors and builds programming to provide strong ROI for partner organizations. Click here to join KAED.