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Membership Services

Why Join KAED?

The Kentucky Association for Economic Development, KAED, is Kentucky’s premier, non-profit association dedicated to promoting and facilitating economic development in the Commonwealth.

Membership in KAED is a great way to network with economic developers from across the state, create relationships that build resources, broaden your expertise in the field, and serve as an advocate for your business community’s growth.

We are dedicated to helping, educating and advocating for members to advance the economic development industry in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Promoting and providing continuing professional development opportunities for our members and their local constituents allow our members to stay ahead of the changes in economic development programs and best practices. We provide resources and expertise gleaned from our association members across Kentucky and through our involvement in regional and international economic development associations.

Developing connections between industry professionals, state and local government officials and other groups interested in improving Kentucky’s economic climate is part of what we do at KAED for the betterment of Kentucky and its citizens. Networking with these professionals allows members to have first hand knowledge of the companies coming to Kentucky. It is a tool for members to broaden their business across their counties, regions and the state.

We advocate, connect, educate and help develop local/regional economic development organizations to promote Kentucky’s outstanding business climate.

KAED Member Benefits

  • Access to public policy updates during session and advocacy on important legislative issues relating to community and economic development
  • Professional referrals from members and service providers
  • Inclusion and access to the KAED Membership Directory
  • Membership discounts on KAED meetings, programs, conferences, and events
  • Networking with peers

Programs and Services:

KAED offers many programs and services for communities and economic development professionals. KAED programs and events focus on the relevant economic development issues and trends impacting our communities.

ED Best Practice:
This educational program is designed to help economic development professionals broaden their knowledge of strategies and best practices, from the use of tax incentives, the marketing of business property, development of industrial parks and much more.

Spring and Annual Conferences:
Offer educational programming and networking opportunities among economic development professionals from across the state, while showcasing the community of the conferences’ host cities. Each conference presents an agenda of experts who talk about specific economic development issues, practices, and ways to better approach serving your communities and business clients.

KentuckyUnited is a public-private state-wide marketing effort focused on giving its partners access to site consultants and companies interested in learning more about Kentucky. KAED oversees and coordinates the program in partnership with more than 20 local and state economic development organizations.