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Consultative Services

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Legal Services

Legal Services is an initiative designed to provide general legal information relative to economic development to the membership of the Kentucky Association for Economic Development. The Legal Services initiative is a complimentary membership benefit to active Association members and sponsors. If further legal consultation or representation is necessary, members are encouraged to identify and engage appropriate legal counsel.


Community Assessment

KAED consultants execute analyses to ascertain a community’s economic development goals and assets. KAED will conduct interviews and assess resources to identify target industries to craft and accelerate localized economic development strategies. KAED consultants shall assess economic and quality of life indicators, and comparatively report statistics against a competitive community. The Community Assessment initiative also includes a “first impressions program” which includes an anonymous KAED representative designated to collect data on a myriad of community metrics including infrastructure, technology, housing, health care, education, recreation, and civic engagement.

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Web Marketing
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